Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hurry Up and Wait

Today is typical day for Gimbie staff visiting Addis. We each have five different things on our lists of things to be accomplished. However, none of them can be done. Either the machine isn't working, or the signature is missing, or the office is closed, or the person is on annual leave... So, we're chilling in our crowded room at the Union guest house, listening to Bach organ and brass music on my computer. We plan to walk five kilometers up the road and visit Bambis - Ethiopia's largest import store (about half the size of a typical Safeway)- in order to add some excitement to our day.


  1. What an exciting day! We need to be careful to not overdo it... ;-)

  2. I hope you had some splendid time at Bambi's. :).
    It is a glorious sunny day here, just returned from a visit to an Alpaca farm. Papa Howe and I had a wonderful time! Addis sounds like a remarkable place, will look forward to hearing more of your adventures.

  3. What? You're on blogger? This is remarkable--when did the regime crack?